In this section Energy Strap acts as an official partner of BRODERSEN company for supplying RTUs in Iran.

BRODERSEN designs and manufactures all-in-one automation controllers and communication devices with unsurpassed platform adaptability.

 Company products includes:

- Modular RTUs

- Expansion I/O modules

- Industrial modems


BRODERSEN RTUs communicate using a wide range of protocols that provide connection to local devices such as PLCs, flow computers and other instrumentation.

Connection to communication networks is also provided, including support of:

- EN/IEC60870-5-101/103/104 Master/Slave/ Client/Server

- IEC61850 Client & Server incl. GOOSE

- DNP3 Serial/Ethernet

- Full Modbus Suite


- ProfiBus DP Master

- ProfiNet Client

- PowerLink


With flexibility of BRODERSEN RTUs they can be used in a wide range of applications such as:

- Electricity Industry

- Oil & Gas Industry

- Water and Wastewater Industry

- Transportation Industry

- Telecommunications Industry






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